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I'm Sick of Seeing Entitled Men as Movie Heroes

Let’s talk about the f***bois in Little Women and Marriage Story

Strangers on the Internet Are Asking to Buy Photos of my Feet

Who says being a writer doesn’t pay the bills?

Australia's #TimesUp Movement Has Become a Battle Over One Woman's Reputation

Meanwhile, we’ve comfortably forgotten about the actual perpetrators of sexual abuse

Social Media Is Here to Remind You About All The Weddings You Weren't Invited to

When a Facebook photo marks the end of a friendship

Grace Millane's Trial Shows How Women Are Shamed Even in Death

The British backpacker was blamed for her own murder at the hands of her Tinder date

All I Want For Christmas Is NO Plastic Crap In My House

Is it possible to have a zero-waste holiday season?

5 Ways Seeing a New Therapist Is Like a First Date

Minus the alcohol, that is

What Do You Say to a Friend With Cancer?

My first experience with (someone else’s) chemotherapy

'Self-Partnered' Is a Great Description of Singledom

The word ‘single’ shouldn’t have negative connotations – but it does

I've Started an Ingratitude Journal

Whatever would Oprah think?

What Happens in Paris...

When an old flame turns up on your doorstep

The Ruins

A flash fiction story

I Was in Syria During Bashar Al-Assad's Election

Here’s what I saw in 2007

The Date With the Drinking Problem

I encouraged him to have a beer and things went downhill from there

So What If We Fail?

Maybe the fear of failure is worse than failure itself

I Wish There Was an 'Undo' Function for Real Life

Can’t we just hit Ctrl-Z and do it again?

What's With Those People Who Don't Ask Any Questions?

That’s a question in case you weren’t sure

My Therapist Couldn't Help My Climate Anxiety

So I broke up with her

'Eat Pray Love' Ruined Travel Writing

A travel memoir that isn’t about travel at all

Pop Culture Teaches Men They Can Push Women Into Sleeping With Them

“I know you want it.”

Your Job Doesn't Have to Define You

Think of it as corporate sponsorship for the rest of your life

No One Told Me Grief Would Last My Entire Life

25 years of dreams about my father

In Mexico, We Drink, We Sing, We Cry

A year of teaching, tears and tequila in a small Mexican town

When Did World Leaders Start Using Their Wives As Props?

A brief history of Presidential hand-holding

When Men Comment On My Posts vs When Women Do

Yes, there is an obvious difference

Addressing Diversity in Independent Film

How can we do better as filmmakers?

"Manifest Your Destiny" Is a Lie

Why talk about the universe makes me angry

Quotes From Screenwriters That Make Me Feel Better

Writing (and life) lessons from the gurus

Why I'm Joining the Global Climate Strike

To deman an end to fossil fuels

Why I've Taken Up Boxing

Even though I hate violence

"How's Your Writing Going?"

The question every writer dreads

5 Wedding Traditions We Really Should Ditch

Because they’re outdated and patriarchal

The Date Who Was Widowed

And he was only in his thirties

Child-Free Women Are Tired of Being Told They'll Regret It

Would you tell a pregnant woman the same?

As a Child, I Was Taken to Protest Outside an Abortion Clinic

And I was made to believe that we were right

I Was Stripsearched at an Airport

When you’re deemed a high security risk, your rights disappear

How I Stumbled Upon the World of Tickle Fetishists

Where tickling is no laughing matter

A Relationship Doesn't Solve Anything

Why is finding a partner the end goal?

The Date Who Thought He Was an Alien

All he wanted was to go home

Are Australian Tourists Really That Bad?

My compatriots are gaining a reputation

Hollywood Romcoms Are a Capitalist Nightmare

What I learned from J-Lo’s latest flick

How to Stay Productive When Working From Home

5 things that work for me

What's the Protocol When You Run Into a Tinder Date?

To greet or not to greet, that is the question…

A Watery Odyssey Across the Mongolian Steppes

Water, water everywhere.

I Worked for an Amish Reality TV Show

The industry’s worst temptation to exploit characters and capitalize on their suffering

Is This Normal Parenting Behaviour?

The industry’s worst temptation to exploit characters and capitalize on their suffering

How to Climb the Great Wall of China for Under $2

You don’t need a fancy tour

Why Do Women Talk Down Our Achievements?

And do men do the same?

Do Not Go Into Business With Someone You Don't Trust

I learned the hard way

The Best Filmmaking Advice I Ever Received

What a producer told me that got me through my first film shoot

The Ethics of Crowdfunding

When is it okay to ask strangers for money?

The Date I Stalked For a Year

The shocking discovery that Tinder matches exist in real life

Feel Like Yelling at a Stranger on the Internet?

Here are other things you can do instead.

The Date I Never Met

How many times will you let someone stand you up?

When the Music is Over in Morocco

What happens after the tourists leave?

Hair Extensions and the Beauty Myth

Do you know where your hair weave actually comes from?

Driving Ms Bedford

My time as a live-in carer for an ageing aristocrat ended in tears

I Stayed in a Palestinian Refugee Camp

And met the children growing up without hope

Some Passports Are Worth More Than Others

When crossing borders becomes a crime

Someone Once Told Me That a Boring Life Was a Happy Life

And I’m starting to believe they were right

I Did a “Before Sunset” Tour of Paris While Despairing About the World

An existential journey in the footsteps of Jesse and Celine

Why I Prefer to Travel Solo

Everybody should try it at least once

Sacked in Paris and Robbed in Rome

Overall, it was an eventful three days

The Date Who Ate All My Pizza

Even though I’d paid for it

To My Mother Who Raised 8 Kids On Her Own

And danced with carpet sellers in Turkey

When Your Boss Is a Drunk

My workplace gave us drinks instead of tips — what could go wrong?

Dancing Barefoot Under a Montana Sky

Cowboys and drummers in Small Town USA

The Date With the Secret Wife and Child

“I’m not married, I’ve never been married…”

I Became the Kind of Traveler I Never Thought I’d Be

On realising that my younger self would disapprove

Just Because You’re a Tourist Doesn’t Mean Police Won’t Beat You

That time I got tear gassed in Taksim Square

Hunting Rabbits at Midnight in Mauritania

“Don’t take the trucks through the desert, you must be crazy!”

The Date Who Was Older Than His Photo

I suggested he might try to meet women his own age

I’m Incapable of Taking a Holiday

As a digital nomad, I’m always on holiday — and never on holiday

Stop Pitching Your Screenplay and Make the Damn Movie

Yes, you can totally do it yourself

The Night I Slept In Trafalgar Square

London isn’t the best place to run out of money

The Date Who Gave Me a Job

“We’ll say we met on OKCopywriter.”

All The Jobs I’ve Been Fired From

Spoiler: the French do it best

Ricky Gervais’ Show “After Life” Breaks the #1 Writing Rule

A masterclass in ‘Show, Don’t Tell

The Bolivian Mountain That Eats Men

“You’re here to see the mines?”

The Date That Lasted 27 Minutes

And still somehow 27 minutes too long…

Meeting the Sex Workers of the Western Sahara

7 Questions People Ask Me About Screenwriting

God Rides the Bus in Sudan

What Could Possibly Go Wrong On a Film Set?

I Snuck Over Mexico's Border... With a Clown

How Do You Write a Movie?

Chasing Jackie Chan in China

The Date Who Didn't Ask Me Any Questions

Why Do Men Who Ghost You Still Follow You on Social Media?

5 Myths About Working From Home

I Was an Intern on a Celebrity Gossip Show in New York

My Generation Based Our Female Friendships on 'Sex And The City'

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