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What Are You Running From?

What’s it like to spend a decade living out of a backpack? Claire J. Harris roams around the world through 10 years, 20 countries and 30 tall tales, in a book that is not so much a travel guide as a “how not to travel” guide.

Eking out a living in any way she can, Claire’s journey takes her across borders from a remote island in Bolivia to the heaving nightclubs of Slovenia, from the refugee camps of Beirut to the bombings in London.

Through it all, she must solve the age-old problem that plagues backpackers: how long can you live on bread, cheese and cheap wine?

Drifting slowly from one continent to the next, Claire spends time in the company of clowns and cowboys, dances with dictators and troubadours, and encounters prostitutes and swingers.

Finally, she finds herself following in the footsteps left by her father, as she traces his path through the jungles of Thailand and Myanmar.

What Are You Running From? is an ode to running – as well as hitchhiking, trekking and travelling by cargo boat, camel, school bus, motorbike or whatever means are necessary to get to the next destination.

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